General Sales Conditions

These General Sales Conditions detailed below (hereafter referred to as “General Conditions”) shall determine exclusively the contractual relations between each client user of website (hereafter referred to as “client”) and Propolinature – Unipessoal, lda., responsible as the entity who earns from the management of the aforementioned websites, headquartered in Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia, fiscal number PT 515025925, telephone number 933 147 349 and email .

The General Sales Conditions are the only applicable and replace all other conditions, except for a previous expressly written consent, or in case of omission in these conditions, Portuguese law will be applicable. Propolinature – Unipessoal, lda., may occasionally amend certain aspects of its general conditions and, for it to be effective, must be read in every visit of the website (hereafter referred to as “website”).

When the order is validated, it will be considered as the client accepting the General Sales Conditions.

While using the site, the client undertakes to comply with the General Conditions as well as the Conditions of Use, which were concluded in accordance with DL n.º 24/2014, of the 14th of February.

Article 1: Order modalities

Product sales will be done through the internet, specifically through the website. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders in the following situations:

  • Previous or pending litigation with the client;
  • Returns of previous orders due to non-payment, failure of reception, refusal or lack of order pick up;
  • False client data;

Unless proven otherwise, the data collected by Propolinature – Unipessoal, lda., constitutes evidence of all sales made by Propolinature – Unipessoal, lda., and its respective client purchases.

Article 2: Important product characteristics

The products advertised on the website are in accordance with the legislation and applicable regulations in force at the time of said advertisement.

The images of the products may be merely illustrative when changes in the supply of said product may occur and an immediate update isn’t possible. Notwithstanding, said fact will always be mentioned in the product descriptions.

Regarding the technical files and product descriptions of our partners and suppliers, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda accepts no liability for the validity of its content.

In case of obvious error between the product characteristics and its representation, the client has the right of returning it and ask for a refund of the paid amount, in accordance with the free contract cancellation.

Article 3: Prices

The prices of the advertised products are given in euros, inclusive of all taxes and charges. The indicated price excludes, however, the amount to be paid by the client due to shipping fees, which will be indicated at the moment of the final validation of the order (see shipping conditions).

From the conclusion of the order and the appropriate payment of the ordered product, said product is property of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

Article 4: Product availability

Product offers, as well as the corresponding prices, are valid while they’re accessible on the website, taking into account stock availability at the time of the order. For products without stock in the warehouses, the offers are valid subject to availabilities in their suppliers.

Nonetheless, there may exist unusual errors or changes of such information directly from the supplier. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda constantly tries to guarantee that the provided information is fully accurate.

In case of product unavailability after placing an order, the client will be informed, by email or phone, of the partial shipment or cancellation of the respective order. In this case, the client will be refunded of the amount paid for all or part of the order, within 30 days after Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda becomes aware of the unavailability. In this situation, the refund will be issued according to the payment method chosen by the client at the time of purchase, preferentially using Bank Transfer, for costumer safety and registration reasons.

Article 5: Payment

5.1 ATM or MBWay

The accepted payment methods are by Visa/Credit Card or Paypal. After paying, the client doesn’t need to send bank receipt since there’s an automatic notification from the payment processing company. The status of the order changes to “Processing” automatically.

The payment methods are 100% safe and guaranteed by a certified bank entity.

Article 6: Delivery

6.1 General aspects

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda. does deliveries to mainland Portugal and Islands (Madeira and Azores), France, Spain , Germany and the Netherlands. In case of delivery to other locations, the client must always contact the company to check that possibility. The delivery expenses are always subject to budgeting. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda also doesn’t do deliveries to PO boxes.

Delivery times are composed of the processing of the order time and the delivery time by the carrier. The order processing time is specified in each product page. The client will be notified in case of an unusual delay to the order processing.

The products are sent to the address specified by the client at the time of purchase. In order to optimize the delivery, the client should give an address where they’re available to receive the order.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the possibility of splitting the order delivery. However, the client is charged only once.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to eventual delays by the chosen contracted carrier.

6.2 Delivery methods

The deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

Each order is given a number which is available in the Costumer Area, designated order number. That way, you can check the status of your order on the chosen carrier’s website, using the number assigned to your order.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda in mainland Portugal works with the following carriers: CTT Expresso and DPD.

6.3 Issues with deliveries

In case of delay or non-receipt of the order, the client must inform the seller, so it can immediately proceed to track the order’s location. This communication must be done through the available means on the website.

In case of an order return with payment on delivery from client’s actions (incorrect address, order refusal, not picking up the order, etc.), Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the right to restrict the option of payment on delivery in future orders.

Once delivered by the carrier, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is not liable for problems resulting from the transport. Please note that Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda will be forced to reject any request for a refund or replacement (right of withdrawal) of products if there are external defects and the order was accepted at the time of delivery. If the client verifies that the package is damaged or altered in the act of delivery, they should refuse to accept it and inform Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda immediately.

The right of withdrawal is still valid in case of technical problems that are detected by the client after delivery and according to the applicable legislation. What to do when receiving the package:

  • Verify if the package is in perfect condition. If there is a problem of any sort in the ordered product, or a visible defect, the receipt of the order must be refused.
  • Return the package with all of its contents to the courier (carrier company).
  • Immediately inform Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda offers its sincerest apologies, but this measures are necessary to protect its clients from fraud.

Article 7: Special operations

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the right to offer or charge fees related to shipping expenses associated to the orders, which the client is always informed of, as well as the total amount, which already includes those fees.

In case of reduction of the delivery fee, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda will consider gratuity during the processing of the order.

Any abusive use or breach by the client of the obligations entered into through these General Sale Conditions may lead to the suspension or termination of the client’s account, depending on the degree of gravity of said conduct.

Article 8: Rights of withdrawal or free settlement

8.1: Application

According to the Code of Consumption, as a client/consumer, there is a period of fourteen days to exercise the right of withdrawal.

However, the website property of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda gives its members, due to its policy “satisfied or refunded”, a total period of thirty days to use the right of withdrawal, although the client must inform Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda within those fourteen days through the available means of communication and return the product to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda within 30 days.

To exercise this right of withdrawal, the client can manifest the intention of exercising said right through the available and valid means, which can provide evidence of exercising it.

8.2 Exceptions

There are, however, products that, due to its nature, cannot be returned after reception and use. Despite that, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda accepts the cancellation of these orders when the sale is still occurring.

The products not subject to returns are:

  • Products made from specifications of the client or personalized;
  • Products that cannot be delivered again or that may deteriorate or quickly expire, for example food products;
  • Audio or video recordings or software, especially CDs and DVDs once unpacked, namely the plastic opened or ripped;
  • Newspapers and magazines;
  • Hygiene and personal use products.

8.3 Returns

The client benefits from a fourteen day right of withdrawal to return a product they are not satisfied with. This period starts from the moment of delivery of the order.

If for any reason the client is not satisfied with the ordered product, they can return it to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda due to its policty “satisfied or refunded” and the applicable legislation. However,

  • Cannot return it if there is clear evidence of misuse or used for long periods of time for purposes the product is not meant to. The product must be returned properly protected, in its original package, in perfect condition for resale (not damaged, dirty or visible signs of usage) and accompanied by all accessories and documents.
  • Moreover, for hygiene and safety reasons, products of personal use, non-transmissible, cannot be returned (for example: cosmetics, earring or piercings, sex toys, personal care machines, etc).
  • Packages that don’t allow for the identification of the sender (name, surname, address, order number) will not be accepted. The lack of information received by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is the responbility of the buyer.

Return expenses are the client’s responsibility. To facilitate and simplify the handling of returns, the client must request a return form or provide detailed data of the order and refund.

Exercising the right of withdrawal will lead to the refund of the amount paid for the product (in a maximum period of thirty days from the date of return). The refund will be made by bank transfer, Paypal and/or in a discount coupon according to the payment method used.

For the refund, the client must follow the described procedure:

In case of return of defective or faulty products, the client must fill a form made available my email. After the reception of the product in the warehouses, if the reason for returning it is proven to be false, a penalty of five euros will be deducted from the refund. This fee is related to expert assessment and study costs.

The returning order is to be delivered to the following address:

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda
Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45
4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia

In case of defective products or improper functioning, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes responsibility of returning the product and shipping a new one. This operation bears no cost at all to the client.

8.4 Refund

From the date of receipt of the product and for fourteen days, this warranty allows the client to be refunded.

By exercising this right of withdrawal or free resolution, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda undertakes to refund the total amount paid by the client, excluding the shipping charges, as well as the expenses of returning the order to the facilities of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda. Those are the responsibility of the client.

The partial return of the ordered products grants a refund of the amount paid for returned product(s). The shipping costs will not be refunded, as the delivery expenses are global and do not depend of the number of products ordered.

If the product(s) returned are not in its original condition, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the right to refuse to refund or reduce the amount refunded because of costs related to retrieving the product. It should be noted that the shipping charges are also not refunded.

Only the products returned within the legal period of time, in perfect condition and inside its respective original package (with its accessories, manuals, …) can be subject to a refund (damaged products, dirty or with visible signs of usage will not be accepted).

Packages that don’t allow for the identification of the sender (name, surname, address, order number) will not be accepted.

An email of confirmation will be sent to the client when the product return is registered.

The client can choose the carrier responsible for the return. However, it is recommended that it is sent with a registered post or form of acknowledgment and the subscription, if necessary, of insurance with the carrier in the total amount of the products against possible damage or loss. In case of non-registered delivery, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no liability for the loss of said products.

For every return the client can contact Costumer Support by email (, where the client can obtain every necessary information regarding the process.

Article 9: Product Warranty

Before payment or accepting the order, the client must read the warranty conditions. If they do not accept, the client shall inform Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda before doing them. After proceeding with the payment and accepting the order, it means that the client knows and abides the Terms and Conditions.

Article 10: Personal data protection

The client has a right of access, of correction and opposition on the personal data concerning them.

The purchases made in the websites property of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda automatically implies the express acceptance of said general conditions of sale of the person having acknowledged taking cognizance thereof. It also implies the acceptance of receiving the website’s daily deals by email. If the client wishes to cancel those, it is sufficient to send an email for this purpose.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda may need to exchange nominative information with its commercial partners, which means the client may receive commercial offers from third parties.

For this matter, except for the express rejection of the client, the data may be exchanged with the commercial partners of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

Personal data is given to the carrier (name, address, email, phone number), in order to guarantee a proper delivery of the order.

However, regarding the email address, it can only be given to those partners with the express consent of the client. Afterwards, the client still has the possibility of refusing the access to that data, manifesting said refusal by email to the following address: or through the proper safe means of communication.

Article 11: Applicable law and jurisdiction

For the resolution of any dispute resulting from the interpretation or the execution of the present General Conditions the court of the place where the client is domiciled will be competent. If it’s the client that takes legal action, they may choose between the court of the place where the client is domiciled or the court of the domicile of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda accepts no liability for the delay or non-fulfillment of contractual obligations on grounds of force majeure, disturbance, full or partial strike, postal services and means of transportation or communication, floods, fires or war.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda accepts no liability for any indirect damage, operating losses, loss of the benefit, loss of opportunity, damage or fees which may come from the purchase of any product presented on the website.

Even though its products are compatible with professional uses, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda and its products are not aimed at a professional audience. Therefore, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda accepts no liability for the damage resulting from the purchase of its products for professional purposes and activities.

In either situation the Client or User can contact us by email to or the postal address Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal to oppose or demand the alteration of their data or even the data’s deletion.

By using our services, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. If you are not computer literate or if you are not eighteen years old or older you must use this website accompanied by someone that is computer literate of has legal age.

Article 12: Responsibility

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no responsibility whatsoever for damages caused to the user, or to another website, from the illegal or inappropriate use of the information available on this website. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no responsibility whatsoever for the behaviour or improper or illegal conduct of its affiliates or the users of the websites property of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no responsibility whatsoever for the damage resulting from the incorrect interpretation of the content sent to our affiliates or clients.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the right to suspend access to its websites without further notice, for any reason, being able to change the access conditions, as well as the contents as a whole.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda reserves the right to perform periodic maintenance and update the website, in order to make significant improvements to the navigability.

Article 13: Dispute settlement mechanisms

The CLIENT can fill complaints to the WEBSITE by filling a form on the website in the contact page or by sending an email to or a letter to the manufacturer’s headquarter address. Complaints are processed by chronological order of the registry entry.

The CLIENT can also appeal to an arbitration center of consumer dispute applicable to website’s activity sector, by consulting the arbitration centers of consumer dispute that exist in Portugal on the website of the National Center of Information on Consumer Conflict available in


CNIACC – Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo
Nationwide performance in the areas not covered by another arbitration center of regional competence
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide, 1099-032 Lisboa
Tel.: 213 847 484 – from 15.00h to 17.00h / 91 922 55 40
Fax:213 845 201
Web: /

Centro de Informação, Medição e arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve
Contracts concluded in the Faro district
Edifício Ninho de Empresas, Estrada da Penha, 8005-131 Faro
Tel.: 289 823 135 / Fax. 289 812 213
E-mail: / Web:

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra
Contracts concluded in the municipalities of Arganil, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Condeixa-a-Nova, Figueira da Foz, Góis, Lousã, Mira, Montemor-o-Velho, Oliveira do Hospital, Penacova, Penela, Soure, Tábua, Vila Nova de Poiares and Miranda do Corvo
Av. Fernão Magalhães, n.º 240, 1º – 3000-172 COIMBRA
Tel.: 239 821 690 /289 / Fax.: 239 821 690

Centro de arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa
Contracts concluded in the Lisboa Metropolitan Area: Lisbon, Alcochete, Almada, Amadora, Azambuja, Barreiro, Cascais, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira.
Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2º – 1100-207 LISBOA
Tel: +351 218 807 000 / Fax: +351 218 807 038
E-mail: /

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo da Madeira
Contracts concluded in the Autonomous Region of Madeira
Rua da Figueira Preta, n.º 10, 3.º andar – 9050-014 Funchal
Tel.: 291 750 330 / Fax: 291 750 339

Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto
Contracts concluded in the Lisboa Metropolitan Area of Porto: Arouca, Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Oliveira de Azeméis, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, São João da Madeira, Trofa, Vale de Cambra, Valongo, Vila do Conde and Vila Nova de Gaia.
Rua Damião de Góis, 31 – Loja 6 – 4050-225 Porto
Tel.: 225 508 349 / 225 029 791 / Fax: 225 026 109
E-mail: / web:

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave
Contracts concluded in the municipalities of Cabeceiras de Basto, Guimarães, Felgueiras, Fafe, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Póvoa de Varzim, Santo Tirso, Trofa, Vila do Conde, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vieira do Minho and Vizela.
Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, n.º 1, 4800-019, Guimarães.
Tel.: 253 422 410 / Fax: 253 422 411
E-mail: / Web:

Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo)
Contracts concluded in the municipalities of Amares, Arcos de Valdevez, Barcelos, Braga, Caminha, Esposende, Melgaço, Monção, Montalegre, Paredes de Coura, Ponte da Barca, Póvoa do Lanhoso, Terras do Bouro, Valença, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vieira do Minho, Vila Verde and Viana do Castelo.
Rua D Afonso Henriques, nº 1 (Ed Junta de Freguesia da Sé) 4700 – 030 BRAGA
Tel: 253 617 604 / Fax: 253 617 605
Av Rocha Paris, nº 103 (Edifício Vila Rosa) 4900 – 394 VIANA DO CASTELO
Tel: 258 809 335 / Fax: 258 809 389
E-mail: Web:

It is also available in the platform of the extrajudicial settlement of online disputes, which is available for the consumers to settle extrajudicially the disputes related to the contractual obligations resulting from sale contracts or online services, specifically or services in which the retailer or the intermediary offers, in a website or through other electronic means, goods or services that the client orders in that same website or through other electronic means.



Every electrical, electronic and motorized equipment benefit from, at least, one year warranty against manufacturing defects for the legal person and a two-year warranty for the end consumer (singular person whose product is not related to their professional activity) according to Decree Law nº67/2003 of 08-04-2003. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase.

Every product with warranty will be repaired/replaced buy the respective manufacturer or by the authorized repair centers. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda exercises that right with them for eventual malfunctions or defects and, therefore, supports the client through the process.

The average repair/substitution time of the product in warranty is two to four weeks and the manufacturer/repair center is responsible.

If a product cannot be replaced or replaced by the manufacturer, it will be exchanged for another of similar performance and/or characteristics. The characteristics of the products are always taken into account rather than the sale price at the time of purchase. If it is not possible to replace with the same or superior, the client will receive a discount coupon or a refund.

For computers, tablets, phones, smartphones, mp3, mp4, gps and others they it must be accompanied by all CDs and the respective original manuals that come with the product at the time of purchase, so it can be reset to the initial setup.

The product is composed of many components, the repairs under warranty are made using new components or not, but always with performance and reliability equal to those used before.

These components have warranty against manufacturing and assembly defects for the remaining warranty period of the product in which they’re installed.

The warranty on the batteries of this type of product is six months.

To activate the warranty, it is necessary to:

  • Indicate the receipt and order number and/or present a copy of it;
  • Fill the form or describe the issue and send along with the product;
  • Send the product to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda’s headquarters:

Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45

4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia


If some of the conditions described above are not met, it may result in delays or even in the manufacturer refusing the activation of the warranty. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no responsibility for non-identified products.

It is recommended to be sent in registered mail with insurance. It must be properly identified along with a description of the issue verified. The shipping of the repaired product is responsibility of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

In case of repairs outside of the warranty period or violation of the product by the client, or repairs from a person non-authorized by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda for the effect, the shipping fees will be the client’s responsibility.

The product warranty is cancelled if:

  • The product is repaired or is subject to an attempt of repair outside of the technical services of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda or the manufacturer;
  • The performance of the product is affected by misuse or incorrect installation/connection by the client or others;
  • The functioning of the equipment is affected by external factors, such as falls, floods, fire, disasters, alterations/electrical discharges or voltage peaks, etc.
  • The functioning of the product is affected by incorrect maintenance (used in places with excessive humidity, excess of dust/dirt, or in places with little ventilation);
  • The labels/internal tags of components were torn fully or partially or illegible;

This warranty DOES NOT apply to:

  • Personal hygiene items or items of personal use;
  • Batteries

The technical assistance is preferentially done in the facilities of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, and the malfunction/problem must be described in a clear way. Every time the client needs a technical intervention outside of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda’s facilities, a budget for the service is given, regardless of the product having warranty or not. This occurs every time that the product delivered for repairs does not have a defect detected, or it has been misused, whether by the client or others. The client will be charged for the technical assistance services on basis of the rates practiced.

Limitation of liability

Accessories sent with the product that are not the original ones. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no liability whatsoever for lost profit and direct/indirect damage, being the product value its only responsibility.

The warranty period time for each product is given in the product’s page, if it is not present then the warranty is as determined by the Portuguese legislation.


Cookies are small text files stored in the computer of the Client or User when visiting certain websites. In some cases, they are deleted after said visit. In others, they are kept for future visits. The use of cookies while accessing websites is common practice and several browsers allow the Client or User to reject its use, as well as delete the ones already created.

The websites managed by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda and some of its apps may use cookies to improve navigability of the Clients or Users in these websites (including the Costumer Area, with restricted access), as well as understand their behaviour, likes and interests (in general). For example, in certain websites the Client or User may select a background or a city and these preferences are saved in future visits. That way, it is possible to improve the use and visualization of the website, making it simpler and faster, allowing a browsing experience much more interesting and dynamic.

The cookies sued by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda abide the norms of anonymity and confidentiality and its only purpose is to recognize the Client or User. They are not used by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, under any circumstance, for collecting any personal data, as well as for any marketing purposes.

You can learn how to decline cookies in your browser following the instructions given by your browser provider, as well as learn in more detail the use of cookies by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda. Please note that important features of the websites and apps managed by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda require the use of cookies.


In the Organizational Management component, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda has an internal and impartial department, which assumes the responsibility of executing and enforcing the appropriate legal and regulatory standards in terms of processing personal data, as well as Corporate Governance, Risk and Safety Compliance, and is responsible for, among other responsibilities, the maintenance and development of the Information Security Policy, Standards and Procedures, the supervision of the Safety Policy and promoting the sensibilization for the safety through training and communication.

In order to accomplish this goal, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda established a set of standards and rules, applicable to those who access, through legal or contractual ways, to personal data, which are meant to assure its effective protection, pledging to not transmit that data, by any mean, to third parties, and not to use them for other purposed other than those intended and established in the legislation or in the contract either.

Procedural measures and security techniques

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda also implemented the technical, physical, organizational and security measures needed and adequate to protect personal data against destruction, accidental or illicit, the accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or non-authorized access and against any other illicit treatment.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda adopted different mechanisms and safety procedures and follows the best practices in terms of information safety in the systems that support the services that it provides and that save and process the personal data of the Clients or Users, specifically the use of firewalls and breach detection systems, the existence of restricted access (physical and logistical), the registration of operations (logging), and respective monitorization and audit, personal data collection and transmission through safe means.

Whenever it is necessary for Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda to communicate personal data of its Clients and Users to other parties, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is responsible for the personal data needed to be transmitted, and guarantees that (i) the sharing of personal information is in accordance with the existing legal norms, (ii) the transmission is done safely, resorting to encryption protocols, and (iii) the third parties are contractually obligated to obey the confidentiality and privacy rights, and assure the safety of the personal data that is in their possession for the intended purposes. They are not allowed to use that data for any other purposes, to their own or third-parties’ benefit.

User’s right

In any situation the Client or User can contact us via our email or by letter to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda’s postal address Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal to oppose or alter their data or even to delete it.

Privacy policy

General principles

Privacy and personal data protection of all Clients and Users of the products and services offered and available, at all times, by the companies owned by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda and that integrate its company group, form an essential part in how they are organized and conduct themselves.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda wants to make sure that its Clients and Users know, at all times, the rules and principles related to personal data protection and processing. Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda constantly makes an effort to ensure and provide the safety of that data, always according to the norms and applicable legal procedures, specifically the Data Protection Law.

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda’s brands adopt the best technical and organizational practices to protect the personal data of its Clients and Users against the loss, involuntary or illicit deletion, improper alteration, as well as against integrity breaches, non-authorized access or release.

This Privacy Policy seeks to clarify its Clients and Users regarding the way it collects, processes, and, most of all, protects the personal information provided by all that use the services or access the websites property of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions of each service provided by the company Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

If you have any doubt or question about the Privacy Policy or about the way Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda collects and processes your personal data, you can contact us by email or by letter to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda’s postal address Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal.

This Privacy Policy can, at any given time, be subject to review or changes, which are properly communicated in the websites of the brands of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

What personal data is collected and how

When creating and registering your account in the website(s) of Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, it will be requested that you provide the following personal data in order for you to be able to use the website to visit, consult and make orders:

  • Name, email, phone, address and fiscal number, but there may be other necessary data collected in order to supply goods and services.

We also collect your information when you voluntarily fill surveys, use the chat, evaluate products, subscribe newsletters, call or write us.

By providing your personal data, you are authorizing the collection, use, and disclosure of said information according to the rules described here.

We ask you to not send or share any sensitive personal information, such as race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, as well as any genetic data, biometric data, data concerning your health or your sexual orientation.

The information used by the website is collected using cookies, although not specifically identifying you. The following data may or may not be collected:

  • IP Address;
  • Geographical localization;
  • Information about the device through which you are accessing the website, such as type and version of the browser, operating system, screen resolution, preferred language, information in the HTTP headers and version of the agent;
  • Search engine used to find and access the website;
  • Date and time of activity in the website, as well as web pages and content visited and clicked on;

It should be noted that this information of use does not deliberately identify you, and if it exceptionally does it will be anonymized immediately.

By providing information you are giving your informed and unequivocal consent to the processing of the data concerning you by automated means.

Some of the solicited data is essential, being identified as such, and its lack or inaccuracy can compromise the provided services.

Company responsibility

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is responsible for the collection and processing of the personal data.

Clients and Users responsibility

With the intention to assure the protection of the personal data of the Clients and Users, the company Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda restricts the access to certain services to the introduction of a password or access code, in order to reinforce the mechanisms of control and safety.

The passwords and access codes, provided by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda to the Clients and Users, are personal and non-transferable and it is the Clients and Users’ responsibility to ensure its confidentiality and not allow its usage by third parties.

The data circulating on the Internet are not completely protected from eventual unauthorized access and the communication and use of passwords, access codes, confidential codes and all sensitive information is the Clients and Users’ exclusive responsibility.

It is recommended that the Clients and Users adopt additional safety measures, including equipment maintenance (computers, tablets or phones) and programs adequately updated and configured, the use of protection against malicious software (e.g antivirus) and firewall, as well as not browsing questionable websites or websites which do not have the proper guarantee of authenticity.

The Clients and Users should also physically protect their equipment and avoid using access credentials in public access computers (e.g cybercafés, hotels, etc…).

Responsibility on data provided to third parties

The brands managed by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, in the exercise of its activity and as part of the services it provides, may subcontract a third party for the execution of said services, for the purposes mentioned above and for the development and management of its computer systems.

 The third parties subcontracted by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda are obligated to, under the contract signed with the brands or companies owned by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda, put into practice the adequate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data against the destruction, accidental or illicit, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or non-authorized access and against any form of illicit processing.

In addition to this case, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda will only transmit the personal data of its Clients and Users to third parties when (i) is obliged to do so for legal purposes, and only for its obligations, or (ii) in the cases that the legislation allows it, if the Client or User authorizes the transmission, and if they are properly informed about the recipients of the personal data and the purposes for which they are being collected.

Responsibility on services and third-party websites

The websites, products or apps managed by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda may contain links to websites, products or apps owned by third parties, which do not have any relation to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda and are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

The collection or the processing of the solicited personal data by third parties is their exclusive responsibility, as such Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda takes no liability whatsoever for the content, accuracy or legitimacy of those websites, as well as the improper use of the collected or processed data they may be responsible for.

We warn our Clients and Users to this fact and the need, before using the websites, products or apps, of reading and accepting the rules regarding personal data collection by those third parties.

Purposes of the collection and processing of personal data

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda only proceeds to process the traffic and location data upon the terms set forth in applicable laws and regulations.

After obtaining the previous and explicit consent from the Clients and Users, which can be withdrawn at any time, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda proceeds to process the traffic and location data to the extent and for the duration necessary for the commercialization and provision of services of electronical communications or for the provision of value-added services.

Conditions for the collection of personal data

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda only collects the personal data of its Clients and Users with their consent. The personal data is collected when the Clients and Users subscribe a certain service or purchase a specific product, in writing, by phone, or through the forms available in the websites managed by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda.

There is personal data that is crucial to the provision of services or the purchase of goods or products and, in these cases, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda notifies the Clients and Users of this need.

If that data, being crucial, is not provided or turns out to be insufficient or incorrect, Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda cannot provision the service, and cannot provide the goods and products neither. The Clients and Users take full responsibility for the insufficiency or inaccuracy of the transmitted data.

All personal data collected by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is processed in compliance with the legal standards applicable and only for the purposes communicated by Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda at the time the Clients and Users give their consent, ensuring moreover, that the data is always processed according to strict safety norms and its protection and confidentiality.

Period of storage of personal data

The personal data is stored only for the period of time absolutely necessary to allow the (i) provision of the services, goods or products, (ii) compliance with the legal obligations to which Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda is attached, (iii) for the purposes of the collection or processing and (iv) the exercise of the Clients and Users’ rights and the compliance with the corresponding obligations.

After this period of time Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda eliminates the personal data.

Access, correction, deletion of the personal data

According to the applicable legislation, the Clients and Users, as the older of the personal data, are guaranteed the right to access, correct and delete the personal data.

In any of these situations the Client and User can contact us by email or by letter addressed to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda at the postal address Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal.

Authorization or opposition

Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda only proceeds to process the personal data of the Clients and Users after being given authorization for said processing, through the registration in the websites, purchase made or when you give your email address to receive news and commercial information.

The Client or User also has the right to oppose the use, and require its deletion, of personal data given for marketing purposes, for sending informative communications, or included in lists or informative services.

In any of these situations the Client and User can contact us by email or by letter addressed to Propolinature – Unipessoal,lda at the postal address Avenida Vasco da Gama, N.º 774 – Espaço 45 4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal to oppose.

Creation date: 30th of January 2021